Lunch In Casa Do Brasil, Eilat

If you are a meat lover like I am, you should never hesitate to ask for more. 

A little sometimes, I do miss my recent visit to Israel. I love the food. I love the environment. I love the chilly wind with just the right amount of sun. 

My first day in Eilat, we were brought to a Brazilian steakhouse, Casa Do Brasil. The food was great. The meals were very appetizing, even the first dish got me craving for more of it. We were served with the salad as an appetizer. 

I loved how friendly the staffs were, they treated us well and very polite. They knew just what we wanted! They appreciate you as the customers that every time they see us, or whenever they passes by our table, they would ask if there is anything they could help us with. 

I was so in love with the interior design of the restaurant. The atmosphere inside and outside was amazing. They really gave us the Brazilian experience, with the tracks playing in the air, the food tasted better with them. The lighting, furniture and even the cutleries provided were well matched. 

We were served with tasty salad, bread, white rice and some delicious potatoes, well roasted. There was nothing we could complain about. Every meal was perfect. In short, every meal was served in the Brazilian way. Then....*drumroll*... was the main dish. 

I wasn't so sure what's the name of the dish, but I could tell, it was a plate of fats. Meats served in different ways, in which each of them tastes just great. Luckily, I was seated with some quite old folks, so meaty food wasn't their likings, I ended up eating a lot of meat. There was chicken, sausages, roasted meat and more. Constipation the next day.  

Even the way out looks great! It was a great experience to start our first day in Israel. 

I was so happy to see flowers along the paved path. Roses, bougainvillaeas, they were all blooming. Perhaps they knew I was coming. 

So, in short, if you love meat just as much as I do, make sure you visit this place the next time you come to Eilat...because I will. 

Check out their website and facebook page for more information! 


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