Why I Travel and Why You Must Too

Nowadays, people often see the idea of travelling as a trend and merely luxurious holidays. We often find ourselves feeling jealous of famous Instagrammers around the globe with their skin tight bikinis or fluffy winter coats wrapping their figures.

So what actually is it with travelling?

I knew a lot of people who have been leaving their footprints here and there across the globe. Every time they came back after each journey tells a lot about the wonders and amazing things hey encountered along their journey. Each and every story are evident in the photographs they showed.

Most of the times, people often find themselves browsing for cheap flights and booked them straight away because spontaneous plans are always the best. The decisions to travel itself were pushed by the genuine emotions to let off whatever that is pulling them back. For the past few years, most of my travels were spontaneous. There was a countless time I find myself sobbing and crying while typing in my payment details for flight checkout. There were times too, I found myself crying walking along the departure bay while dragging my luggage...and it was more than once, I arrived in places I don't know, without having my luggage to me. Because at those moments, I was so desperate to let off the pain and hurtful things around me. So, I flew.

Some people travel because they are so in love with the cultures and amazing people they might meet. When we are in the places we do not know, we love the idea of roaming around without any specific destinations. The day couldn't get better. We fell in love with the fresh flower garden, well-lighted cafe and restaurants, carvings on the wall, sweet smell of street foods, friendly vendors and more. When we came back, these little things will make us feeling homesick for the journey we were in.

I have a particular fondness for architecture as well as the interior and landscaping designs. Every time I came to places with such beautiful places, I'll make sure I capture them for safe keeping. I often share the photos with my friends, especially friends who have been travelling with me, who shared the same interests.

In short, what actually is it with travelling? What happens every time we decided to go on a trip? Is it the feelings of travelling that we love? Or is it the people we will meet? Perhaps it is the foods that we are drooling for on the trip? Or simply the joy of being in places we do not know.

Perceptions. Experience. Wonders. Knowledge. Culture. Feelings.

These are the little things that keep us wanting to travel for more.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~Andre Gide

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