Dinner in Grill & Co.

Last night was a little frustrating. I & my twin has been planning to gulp some booze in some of our top choices lots. Sadly, most of the places we went to were full and therefore ended up in Grill & Co. 

When we arrived, there weren't many customers. We were greeted and welcomed as the waiter brought us to our seat. It was hot so I was actually looking for any seat with air-conditioners. We can even barely feel the fan. So, I just ask my sister to quickly order up, eat and leave. But then, she was too hungry and insisted that we spend a little longer there. 

It was kind of dark, but the ambience was nice. They played acoustic and relaxing songs in the background suits the decoration and the set up of the place. Since the place is kind of dark, my phone can't actually snap a good decent photo.

There were not many choices from the menu, mostly western and of course, grilled food. But we chose to just go for light food and snacks. 

My sister ordered herself a lamb chop with black pepper sauce and they taste just fine. The price was below RM 20, so it's alright I guess. The plate was served with two pieces of lamb chops and the everything taste good, except for the black pepper sauce. 

I, on the other hand, ordered snacks, french fries and chicken nuggets (I forgot to snap some pictures of the nuggets). Truth be told, the fries taste (obviously) like the frozen fries we usually brought to eat at home. It was a little disappointing actually. 

Overall, I'd say I'll still be coming back to this place. There's a huge potential that this place is going to develop much better, may it be the menu or the place itself. We both had our tummy full and went back lightheaded. 


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