Trio Visit to Kota Kinabalu Wetlands Centre

The spontaneous visit to the Kota Kinabalu Wetlands Centre, Sabah was by far, the first amazing trip I hitched on with these guys. It was in October 2017, but the memories stay. We still keep on talking about the trips and crazy things we did throughout the days we spent in Sabah. 

The Kota Kinabalu Wetlands Centre was located just near the centre of the Kota Kinabalu and it costs us RM 3 per head. In October 2017, it was the monsoon season in Sabah, so basically, the decision to walk in into a mangrove forest wasn't a rational idea to do. But we had nowhere to go since most of the attractions in Sabah were closed temporarily due to constructions and floods. We arrived at the centre when it was raining cats and dogs. We ran inside just to find out that we were the first to arrive for the day and that reminded us that we were in that place, perfectly at the wrong time, the wrong day. 

We walked on planks while trying to figure out the task given for the journey. It was peaceful and calming since the rain just stopped. We were excited to be able to see the "popping shrimp", but eventually we only managed to see a dead shrimp. But we saw lots of crabs. Well, we weren't that sure either whether those are crabs. 

We wanted to see the shrimps, any fishes if possible, birds or perhaps any other reptiles. Sadly, we didn't. It was a magnificent place, surrounded by nature and therefore highly recommended to those who love the nature and wouldn't mind sparing their patience to wait for the right moment when all these flora and fauna brings the forest into life. 

We didn't. But we had fun. 

We walked on barefoot on mangrove swamps. We fell. We laughed. We shouted. We grabbed each other's hands. We hold each other's flip-flops. 

It was moments of laughter. 

It was nature that brought us together. 

So, if these kind of things are what you guys are into, look up for the centre here and plan your visit!


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