Lunch in The Little Road House, Sibu

Food hunters are probably used to this situation; googling and searching for places to eat based on the reviews, recommendations posted on social media. Looking for this Little Road House went exactly as such. We have been looking for this place quite some time and later then ended up going somewhere else. 

Then it was a miracle! We found it. The restaurant is situated just above the McDonald's lot (why can't we find it earlier? Must've been too blind). 

I love me some local Asian foods, especially if they are with meat and served in big portions. 

The Little Road House restaurant wasn't an exception. The fact that I was amazed by the servings got me giggled a little too much. 

The price wasn't so bad either. The meat may look a little expensive, but wait until you taste them, OMG. They are so worthy of your cash. 

The waiter brought us to our seats of four, we sat and the menu was distributed. 

I fell in love with the environment and ambience. It matches the asian-like theme, a bit dark but who cares, as long as I can see and eat my foods. 

We ordered ourselves a plate per person and some side dishes like vegs and tofu. 

Mamma Mia, what's better than food? The Salted Fish Fried Rice and the Cantonese Char Kuey Teow were in big portion as if they are supposed to be eaten by 4 people! 

The pricing for each didn't even reach RM 10, it's a steal. 

No judging but, even though they are in big portions, we managed to finish them, like a boss. 

Okay, now I'm back to being hungry. Again. Gosh. 

Anyways, cheers~

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