Upstairs Coffee, Sibu, Sarawak.

The Upstairs Coffee is the youngsters kind of cafe, where you can relax and enjoy flipping your books over a latte or some sorts. I went in for my third visit with my sister. 

I fell in love with the ambience of the cafe, inspired by rustic and coffee inspired tables and chalkboards. This kind of cafe surely will take in any visiting customers into the perfect feeling for coffee sipping. I realized, there aren't many changes since my last visit, but I noticed the list on the menu chalkboard is longer. 

We were greeted by the staff at the counter, she was the only one working during our visit. She was very bubbly and greeted us kindly. We ordered ourselves Iced Latte, Matcha Green Tea Latte, New York Cheesecake and a box of Cheese Creampuffs. 

We ordered just a few, enough to spend the time for chit-chatting about my travels. My sister has always been a great fan and listener for my every babbles. 

And oh my god, would u look at the greens! I had always been a fan of matcha. 

I took the chance to have a read on the magazine. Talking coffees and cafe. 

I and my sister argued to have a bigger share of this piece since she has always been a fan of New York Cheesecake. I'm glad the cakes they serve wasn't so bad as most cafe would have their cakes tasted super sweet. But this baby, it was just nice. 

One thing is like about the creampuffs they served, cuteness...and surely because I loved to eat cream puffs too. The ones they served wasn't an exception from goodness. They tasted just awesome. 

A quote a day. 

About an hour later, I invited my elder sister who just came back from work, she walked in and went straight to the counter to get this baby. 

together with this Horlicks Crepe too. Yums!

Even though it was my third visit to this place, the reason I keep coming back to this place is that of the things they serve and how this place made me feel. Special. Calm. Relaxed. Perhaps because of coffee too. 

They're open 7 days a week, from morning to late night, with the mission "to have the best taste of coffee". 

Read further on this place from their Facebook page


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