Colors Of Dusk

To most photographers, we appreciate the beauty of the orangish, purple and blue skies at dusk. To us, such kind of breathtaking view worth our full attention for captures. The beauty of it is that we had so limited to capture the view before the darkness swallows the beauty of the sky. 
There's special quality to the loneliness of dusk, a melancholy more brooding even than the night's.

The skies at dawn hold so many secrets of the day, marks the end of the day, to conclude whatever the pain and honey we felt throughout the day. The colors of the spots and stripes were so beautiful they tell us all the sins and kindness we did for the day. A reflection of how much we have lived the day to its fullest. 

A short visit to Kuching a few weeks ago got me into a realization of how beautiful and mysterious the dusk is. I was taught during one of my photography class on capturing the colors of the dusk. How limited the period of about 1 hour to work with our camera because those are the golden hours, where the skies are finally in their best alignment. 

We got ourselves a balloon with fairy lights for RM 15 around the Kuching Waterfront. We hopped on the Darul Hana Bridge and the view was spectacular.  It was so mesmerizing we spent too long on the bridge for pictures. Other than us, other people seem to be in excitement and rush for photos too. The picture above was taken exactly at the best spot for photography on the bridge. The neon lights of the bridge itself were so beautiful, they appeared good in photos. 

I know I don't look good in the photo, but gosh, would you look at the colors. 

We had so much fun capturing photos and walking around under the neon lights. It was better because I had my friend with me. A year from now, I know, these are the kind of moments that we will miss.

I need to work on my photography and editing skills. Do leave your comments on what you think of these pictures.

Cheers ~

The photos were captured with iPhone 6, edited with Lightroom CC. 

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